13 Jun 2013

Fjord Horse Scarf…Finished!

Thank you to my beautiful models, Daisy and Garth!


A beautiful pair!

Wow, It’s so rewarding to take an idea to completion…I think I finally figured out what I want to do when I grow up ;)

05 Jun 2013

A yarn Story

I am finally working on a pattern for a scarf I’ve had in my head for YEARS! These are the humble beginnings…

Yarns for scarf

Yarns for scarf

I searched and searched for a softly textured yarn in just the right colors to make the Fjord horse. I found a glorious alpaca cotton blend from Rowan that has the appearance of felted wool when knit up. The second is a fun novelty yarn called Jalouse from Anny Blatt which works like a charm for the mane.

Inspiration board

Inspiration board


Starting the mane

Starting the mane




Vintage bead eyes.

Vintage bead eyes.

I need to head over to the stable to photograph the finished piece in a natural setting, sometime this week.

03 Jun 2013

A Horse is a Horse

Heather age 17 in Norway

Heather age 17 in Norway

A photo from 1985, my second trip to Norway. That is the year I decided I want to live in Norway, forever. I was 17, fresh out of high school. I was out with my cousin Hilde and her betrothed, Rolf when we saw this gorgeous horse in a field. We asked the owner if I could get up close for a picture. He graciously agreed. Anyone who knows me knows my eternal passion for horses.

While I was in Norge, I found out I received two scholarships to what was then called USIU in San Diego, California. My life has changed significantly since then. Many turns and ups and downs. Two things haven’t changed, however; my love of horses…and I still want to live in Norway forever.

20 Sep 2011

Fire Outa Control

We have a new four legged family member…Fire is a former racehorse…a gorgeous bay thoroughbred!  He got his name because the night he was born his barn caught on fire, but he was rescued from the fire :-)

09 Sep 2011

Watch the spinning wheel turn…


I just brought home my new (old) spinning wheel!  Now I can live my dream of learning to spin…but the choices in fibers are overwhelming!  Where do I start?

29 Jun 2011

Rainbow in progress…


I am working on a pattern for Knit Picks.  Here’s how it looks so far :-)

28 Jun 2011

My project for Summer…

Next Fall I want to participate in the pirate activities around Florida…I have a costume, but I am inspired by all the beautiful yarns in my collection to knit an entire pirate costume to wear.  I am gradually collecting the yarns, and figuring out the patterns.  This way I can combine my love of knitting with my love of costuming and my piratical urges…Arrr!  I will be starting in the first week of July,  Please check in on my progress as I go :)

03 May 2011

Long time no blog…

It’s been a while…I know…but I have found a new yarn love and have been busy experimenting with it!  Handspun art yarns are AWESOME!  I am now officially addicted!  There are so many talented yarn artists on Etsy, here are a few of the treasures I’ve snapped up…Autumnal SubtletyA Prate's Life for MeSkull IslandScarlet LadyPink CloudsCaramel SwirlFat CatOcean SprayHot Sun As I use these yarns, I will post information about the project.  I love to combine these yarns with Mohair and Recycled sari silks :)

14 Mar 2010

Why Am I Such A Knit Wit

I like to knit, no I love to knit.  When I am frustrated or stressed…I knit.  When I am waiting in car line, or at the doctor’s office…I knit.  It is very calming to me.  I learned many (many, many) years ago in Norwegian and later translated to English.  Whatever the language – I really have a passion for knitting.

I’ve been very stressed lately, so I have been knitting like crazy, until my wrists ache, and I can no longer move my fingers.  So I run my hands under hot water and knit some more.

Here are some pics from the last few weeks of what I have been up to…


These are pencil cups or as I call them, desk monsters.  I knit with scraps of eyelash and novelty yarns and cover recycled soup cans or fruit cans to make these little monsters.


It’s amazing how much personality these guys can have.  Here a some individual shots as well:





I have also been feverishly knitting alligator scarves.  It’s been unusually cold here in Florida this winter…those of you up north can laugh, but I’ve been here long enough that my blood has thinned.  I found this pattern at Morehouse Farms and fell in love with knitting it.

The following is more evidence of my worried frame of mind:


My daughter is being overrun by gator scarves.

My daughter is being overrun by gator scarves.


…and I’m still knitting.


10 Mar 2010

Teddy Bear Love

I just took a class in teddy bear making from a local fabric shop.  I saw this bear in the store, and just fell in love!  The class name was Molly, but I don’t know what to name my version.  I had so much fun being around other like-minded people, and every bear was very different in the end.  Here are some pics of mine.


She is made from a pink fur remnant and silk dupioni I found in my stash.   I  dressed her in an outfit my daughter used to wear when she was a toddler.  I saved it because it was my favorite bit of her clothing.


She has glass button eyes, and an embroidered nose; which she happily stuck in the camera.


Earlier this evening I caught her on the computer surfing the internet for friends.